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Tubular heat exchanger in Teflon plastic for corrosive applications.

  • For use as a cooler or heater with water.

  • Rigid design. Chemically resistant Teflon covering an Stainless steel tube.
  • The design is very durable in heating applications where pressure spikes can occur.
  • Only 2 fittings, in/out.
  • Thoroughly welded design. Pressure tested at 13 bar.
  • Easy to install. We design the coil to fit your tank.
  • The design is open and easy to inspect and clean if necessary.
  • Flexible and valuable!
  • Max pressure 7 bar.

A x B x ThicknessSurface area
GUNNAR400 x 815 x 50 mm1,2 m²
GUNNAR400 x 1650 x 50 mm2,3 m²
GUNNAR400 x 815 x 100 mm2,3 m²
GUNNAR800 x 430 x 35 mm0,7 m²
GUNNAR800 x 430 x 50 mm1,4 m²
GUNNAR800 x 430 x 100 mm2,4 m²
GUNNAR800 x 860 x 50 mm2,8 m²
GUNNAR1150 x 330 x 35 mm0,6 m²
GUNNAR1150 x 330 x 50 mm1,2 m²
GUNNAR1150 x 330 x 100 mm2,4 m²
GUNNAR1150 x 660 x 50 mm2,4 m²
GUNNAR1150 x 990 x 50 mm3,6 m²
GUNNAR1250 x 860 x 50 mm3,8 m²
GUNNAR1250 x 1330 x 50 mm5,7 m²

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